There and Here By me

Okay, so I know this is suppose to be a blog where I write long articles about my opinions and things I feel but it’s my blog so therefore I will write what I choose. Lately, on my finsta, this girl I followed has started posting poems and they been resinating with me so I got inspired and wrote one of my own! (read it don’t read it do whatever with it) Here it is:

I miss you. I miss your smile, and the way you’d talk about the things you loved about me. The way you looked at me that made my heart melt. How you said my name as if you were in desperate need of me. The kind of worry you had for me when I was in pain, as if the pain was in you as well.

But you’re gone.

I catch a glimpse of you every now and then, in a smile, a smell, or in something I’ve found that I’d think you might like.

But you’re still gone. 

And I try to fill this void of you with other people and things but they fail and I think of you, how it would be if you were here.

But then I remember you’re still gone and I’m still here

With all my love,



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